Top Restaurants in Mission Viejo, CA

Mission Viejo is one of the most desirable residential cities in the United States. The city was established after a master plan by Donald Bren. Before 1960 the city was a barren place which was considered un-developable by most of the real estate owners. But soon after Donald Bren placed some roads and house in the valleys of the Mission Viejo, it became so popular that the houses in this area were sold before construction in the 1980s. Mission Viejo, CA now has everything that is needed to have a decent residential status while maintaining a good suburban living environment. Now a lot of people visit this area every day. For people who want to visit this area a guide for restaurants will be much helpful. Find more at

Rockfire Grill

This place is mainly popular for its burger and sandwiches. This is a small place with good quality foods. They do not have adelivery system. The only parcel and dine in is the only way to enjoy their food. Also, the place is not too crowded and the cashier takes theorder and serves food. Their foods are well seasoned and delicious. They support card payment and smart payment methods like apple pay and android pay. One thing to mention is that they do not take reservations.

Cru Café

This is a very good coffee shop with theambient environment with well-behaved employees. This place also serves different food items is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They do not take reservations and has no delivery system. They have special sitting arrangements for large groups. They have a parking space for the people who visit them from different places. Overall it is a very comfortable and aristocratic place to have some food. This quiet restaurant can be a good place to enjoy some time with the near and dear ones. They also have outdoor seating arrangements.


RTE is a barbeque restaurant who also offers beers. They offer different types of barbeque items which are good for lunch and dinner. Like the other restaurants, this one also does not have areservation system. They support credit cards as well as other smart payment systems. They also allow dogs and has parking facility. They only allow beer and wine. No other drinks and smoking facility. The ambiance is good to enjoy dinner with families. The restaurant is best to visit on Saturday nights. They also have outdoor seating facilities.

Old Camp Bar and Grill

This is another good place to visit in Mission Viejo. They offer good quality American style foods and beverages. They also have parking facilities but do not take reservations. They receive credit cards but no apple or android payment systems. This place is good for dinners.

Tikka Wraps & Curry Bowls

This place provides classic Indian and halal cuisine. So people who are searching for restaurants with good quality halal foods can visit this place. They do not take reservations and serve first come first serve basis. They have  casters to take orders and serve the food.

These are the most popular restaurants in Mission Viejo